Special Interests

Oh boy, here’s the spot where I get to tell you about all the things that I like to do, and all the topics I like to give presentations on! This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you have another topic in mind why not try me?

  • Taizé Prayer – I have been leading these services and giving presentations on this beautiful community and form of worship for over ten years. I can lead a service, or teach your musicians how!
  • The Triduum – Having experienced the three days within both the monastic and the parish setting, I have a few unique insights to offer. I recently did a presentation on the Triduum for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
  • The Psalms – After spending many years within a monastic context, I’ve developed a great love and reverence towards the psalms.
  • Funeral Ministry – Particularly dealing with elements of music and lectionary choices for the Funeral Rites, and exploring ways that a musician or liturgist may truly minister in these situations
  • Christian Weddings – How do we teach folks its not “all about the dress?”
  • Liturgy of the Hours – Within parish or religious house settings
  • Finale Music Program – Using computer skills to one’s advantage in the liturgy office.
  • Exploring Liturgical Ministries empowering and exciting your ministers to take a new and refreshing look at their important tasks. This can vary from a broad-based presentation for all ministers with some time spent on each ministry, or particular workshops are available for cantors, musicians, liturgical guitarists, lectors, or as needed.
  • Spirituality and Pop Culture – Exploring how our spirituality is touched by movies, music and fiction around us every day, and how we may better utilize and appreciate these natural encounters with God
  • Prayer and the Internet – Again examining contemporary society and looking at how we can use the internet as a positive tool for our spirituality. There are resource tools for the skilled liturgist available, as well as basic prayer tools and spirituality insights for any parishioner.

Thoughts on music, prayer, liturgy, and that which strikes my fancy!