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Jill Maria is the Director of Liturgy and Music at Saint Frances Cabrini Parish in West Bend, WI, where she has served since 2002.    She directs the parish choir, children’s choir, and resurrection choir, trains cantors, and works with accompanists, and all aspects of the liturgy. She also enjoys writing and arranging  her own music.

Some of the following are Jill Maria’s compositions, and others are examples of her working with musical ensembles.

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Jill Maria directing the 2015 Ecumenical Choir Concert held at Saint Frances Cabrini Parish.

Sprinkling Rite that I wrote a number of years ago.  Here it is with full instrumentation at our Parish Sixtieth Anniversary in 2015.

SFC 60th Anniversary Streams of Water from FrancesCabrini on Vimeo.


I wrote this one a long time ago on retreat  It fits the  30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B  Mark 10: 46-50

Bartimaeus from FrancesCabrini on Vimeo.

Based upon Isaiah 58  In this version, Amy Campbell is singing lead and I am adding the harmonies.



Lift High The Cross -Guitar Reflection

We Should Glory in the Cross from Jill Maria Murdy on Vimeo.

This is a reflection on the Triumph of the Cross, that is “The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.” based upon these scripture readings
As I prayed and reflected, I was mindful not of the crosses to bear in life, but some of the images and places and crosses that have guided my life.
I put them together as a video, and as I watched it I played “Lift High the Cross” on classical guitar underneath.

Singing David Haas’  “Holy Is Your Name” (WILD MOUNTAIN THYME) Cindy Forston, Accompanist.

Holy is Your Name from FrancesCabrini on Vimeo.
A Reflection on Dan Schutte’s ‘Come With Me Into the Fields’   with some Carcassi guitar thrown in…

Come With Me Into the Fields Carcassi from Jill Maria Murdy on Vimeo.

Just a bit of a guitar riff I like to do called “Prayer in D”

Prayer in D from Jill Maria Murdy on Vimeo.


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