Our Hearts

In praying with the scriptures of today  http://usccb.org/bible/readings/040313.cfm   one hears the story about the Road to Emmaus,  and other early stories of the Apostles.   In honor of Poetry Month,   I’m breaking away from my standard Haiku.

I thought it would be fun to pull out the basic formats from my youth.    Today’s  verse is in Iambic Pentameter, meaning each line has ten syllables    weak strong weak strong.

“Are not our hearts burning within?” we sighed.

Have we not seen our Risen Lord indeed?

How often do we miss our God revealed

throughout our day in many simple ways?

In family and friends, all nature sings

“Rejoice you hearts that seek the Lord.” Amen.

But then,  I started thinking and remembering all those who have walked with me, and supported me even through all the rough and bumpy times in life,  and I was again feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.


Sojourn begins all fresh and new, and clean.

The optimism of our youth abounds.

The road looks short, the path is all mapped out,

so many bumps and detours yet unseen.

Along the way we meet new faces too

For but a short time we quickly forget

Others reach in and touch our very souls.

They walk beside us, laughing in the sun,

or silently and still when night has come. 

Picking us up, gently dusting us off

urging us on when we have no more steps.

And when we reach the journey’s end we cry

once more: “Are not our hearts burning within?”

Have we not seen our Risen Lord indeed?

 Jill Maria April 3, 2013