A Mamma’s Heart

Sometimes it feels strange or bittersweet as I watch friends post pictures of the first day of school, or their grandbabies, or all the bragging rights that go with being a Mom. My life path didn’t include marriage or children. Perhaps that is part of why I am crazy cat lady too…

But today I think I got to feel a bit of a Mama’s heart. The young woman who is my housemate started college today and a new job this evening. Tomorrow morning I take her to the DMV to do her driving test. She is working so hard to get it all going and I am very proud of her.

She came to stay with me for “a little while” when she was in a bind, and I was going to help her out for a bit. But that was eight months ago and for whatever reason, the odd combination works, and she is here. I often muse “so who was helping who?”

(I was not allowed to take a first day of school pic though.)

(Post script….the driving test didn’t go well… but there will be other days)