Kitty Logic (or lack thereof)

Kitty logic. Inconceivable.
Yesterday I had somewhere important to be at 8:30 AM.Unfortunately the volume on my alarms was down and I didn’t wake up. I woke up naturally at 8:20 and scrambled KittyBoy was there smiling smugly saying “Look Mama. I let you sleep in!” and then he sort of snickered at my predicament.

This morning I could sleep in a bit, and I had a rough time falling asleep last night, so it would be a precious commodity today .

But ThugCatGeorge had other ideas. He declared Romper Room open at 4:30 am. He lunges in from the other room and pounces heavily on the bed then bounces across me to the window ledge whilst letting out a gutteral.”wake up!”. When I ignore him, he becomes incensed and makes an exasperated, exaggerated breathing sound telling me “I mean it.” as he runs and pounces again, and yells “Gimme a treat…NOW.” He wears me down by repeating this process three or four more times.

Finally I acquiesce. I get up and head towards bathroom. He snorts, “It’s about damn time,” and forges the way. When I stop to use the bathroom he stomps his feet, “Really?” I really “yes really. Just hold your horses.”

When I come into the dining room, he swats at the empty plate where he gets his KittyCrack>aka “morning treat” saying “ITS….ABOUT…..FREAKING…..TIME” pausing to emphasize each word

Miraculously, a few minutes later what ever demon has possessed my boy is gone. SweetGeorge comes back to me and sweetly says “Morning Mamma, I think I’ll let you pet me! Wanna snuggle?” No more Alien Thugcat. Kittyboy is home. (Note…my spellcheck still turns parish to pariah, but know knows Kittyboy and KittyBoy)

Just as we can tiptoe or step slowly, run, or stamp our feet it never ceases to amaze me how much a 14 pound critter can put in his steps. He can come in a room so quietly that you don’t even know how he got there, or he can lunge so forcefully there is no way of missing it. Similarly a mew can appear to be a simple greeting, or a piteous yowl of woe, or an angry expletive. Cats can be as stubborn or aloof as anything, or as sensitive and tender as can be.

People talk about dogs and how happy they are to see their owners when they arrive. But one of the best parts of returning home for me is our nightly routine. He leads me to the bedroom, knowing I will change into pj’s or sweats and pet him as we talk about our days. That is more important to him then his dinner. If I feed him first he gets upset until he has had his daily scratching and petting.

Smiling and feeling a bit silly but ever grateful for the company of my feline friend. Amen.