Cana Woman

This Weekend’s Gospel is the WOMAN AT CANA…
This is a reflection I wrote on it last C Cycle:

Do you remember?
When the wine ran out at Cana
we first saw glimmer

in changing water.
Jesus transformed his very life
never to be the same.

We come to praise you
week by week and year by year
Ancient formula:

when WORD is spoken
drawing life-breath and spirit
proclaiming anew;

the marvelous deeds
of broken BREAD at table
WINE renewed once more.

You and I become
Epiphany manifest
when we too are changed.

Will not be silent!
You shall be called by a new name!
So shall God rejoice!

Wisdom, knowledge, faith
are released as gifts within
calling us to serve.

This is the one hope
We yearn, we trust, we pray for
Working in us, NOW!

Do you remember?
Oh! Let us proclaim the
Mystery of faith!

Jill Maria Murdy