How Dry I Am

Ecclesiastes 1: 9 reminds us “There is nothing new under the sun”

I had to laugh at this in morning’s Mass which I planned 2nd communion was “We are Many Parts” Key of F (So So Do Re Mi) and two minutes later we did the closing hymn, “Take Up Your Cross” (WALY WALY) Key of G also (So Do Re Mi)

Translation for you non musical types: “The last two songs we sang at church today both began with the tune of “How Dry I AM” (Which is actually Irving Berlin Song and it is not about a bathroom door!)

But then upon further research, I found out it is a Methodist hymn called O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice

“Do You Love Me” From Fiddler on Roof and one from West Side Story take the same intervals but manipulate the Rhythm ( Which Carey Landry then copies pretty much note for note for his OCP song “When You Seek Me” It is also the reggae song  “By the Rivers of Babylon”

Then I was on to classical tunes and the lively spot about 5 minutes into the 1812 overture is the first thing that comes to mind.
You know with so few notes in the western world, it is delightful and wonderful how they all interact, and can be used and tweaked and borrowed.

Well, anyways I’m not sure exactly what it is I’m coming home singing…

God bless you all this beautiful day!!!!